Women's Tennis Sports Photographer

My name is Wayne Jackson and I am a Bristol based women's tennis sports photographer. I attend women's tennis matches all over the UK and have taken photographs of some of the most famous and best female tennis players in the world, which I absolutely love doing!. As I have an extreme passion in life for women's tennis.

As well as doing women's tennis photography, I also do other kinds of photography such as: aviation, animal and wildlife, landscape, macro and street photography.

My Skill Level

I currently am an amateur photographer and enjoy travelling around the UK taking pictures to improve my skills and increase my portfolio. I am aiming towards becoming more of a professional photographer in the future but for now I will keep travelling and taking photos until my practise meets perfection!!!

Photo Request Service

I can also offer a service to take images on request at various prices and am happy to discuss anything at length, to insure the image that you are requesting will be to your complete satisfaction. I am also happy to travel in order to provide images of interest on request.

I have a catalogue of images which range from pictures of animals, women’s tennis (including world famous players), and also images from the city of Bristol where I am currently living including the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge and other famous landmarks.

To see my photography portfolio click here or visit my official photography website. (Link below).



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