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My name is Wayne Jackson and I am a Bristol gamer who really enjoys gaming, playing Fifa football video games along with tennis video games and other games such as: shoot 'em up, boxing, UFC, and car racing games.

Console(s) I have.

I have the Xbox One S games console.

I mainly play 

Fifa games and tennis games. I play Fifa more than the tennis games even though I prefer tennis over football!.


I upload a lot of my Fifa football video games to YouTube for others to watch and enjoy!. I also upload other games to YouTube including tennis and boxing games.

My YouTube channel

My YouTube channel is growing on an hourly basis with my views rising rapidly. I have had over 2.5 million views, my subscribers are also rising daily. Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the like/thumbs up button if you like a particular video that I have uploaded. To check out my channel click here or click the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.

In the meantime feel free to watch some of my videos below.

Fifa 20 Videos

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Man City

Barcelona vs Juventus

Spurs v Chelsea

Fifa 20 Demo Videos

Spurs vs Chelsea

Real Madrid vs PSG

PSG vs Borussia Dortmund

Fifa 20 Volta Football

Fifa 19 Videos

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Manchester United vs Valencia

Tottenham vs Bayern Munich

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Fifa 19 Demo Videos

Juventus vs Real Madrid.

Juventus vs PSG.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United.

Spurs vs Manchester United.

Fifa 17 & Fifa 18 Videos

La Liga. Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona. Fifa 18.

Fifa 18 Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-Germain.

Fifa 18 FC Barcelona vs Chelsea.

Fifa 17 Barcelona vs Real Madrid.











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